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Whale 13 litre gas/electric water heater WH1302

Whale WH0802 - 8 Litre Water Heater


Whale WH0802 8 Litre Water Heater

The Whale WH0802 8 Litre Water Heater is a perfect choice for versatile hot water needs. Its 8 litre tank weighs just 8kg and features a twin element for 500W / 1000W / 2000W settings, allowing for 5 running options including gas, electric low/high, and a combination of both. Optimal insulation retains heat for faster re-heat times and its compact, board-mounted design offers space-saving convenience.


Water capacity 8 litres, pressure relief vale setting 2.6 bar, maximum water inlet pressure 1.9 bar.  Hot water outlet Whale 12mm Quick Connect stem fitting.  Stainless steel braided hose.  Cold water inlet Whale 12mm Quick Connect plumbing fittings.

Gas type Butane or Propane.


Electricity supply 12 volt dc + 230 volt ac, lowest setting 600W, highest setting 1200W, maximum current consumption (12V) 0.36 amp, maximum current consumption (230V) 2.6 / 5.2 amp.

Approximate heat up times (15 to 70 degrees) - Gas 43 minutes, Electric 38 minutes, Gas and Electric 22 minutes.

L 470 x W 385 x H 277mm approx.

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