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12V/24V LED Lighting Dimmer Switch - Black

12V/24V LED Lighting Dimmer Switch


12V LED Lighting Dimmer Switch

This panel mount dimmer switch is ideal in Camper Vans, Motorhomes, Caravans and boats as it is a low profile recess switch that turns the lights on/off with a quick touch and slowly dims the lights with a touch and hold.

The diameter of the switch is 22mm and an 18mm hole is required. The recess depth is 20mm from the mounting surface and each switch comes with approximatley 15cm of two core cable for input/output.

This switch is an ideal option for use with our 2W Switched downlights, up to a max of max 4amps. The 3W Dimmable downlights have their own dimming circuit, so you would not need this dimmer if using those.

As a guide if you're controlling the LED strip/tape lighting, this dimmer is suitable for up to 6.5m of 7.2W/m LED tape at 12V, or 10m of 4.8W/m LED tape at 12V.

The 2W Switched downlights pull less than 0.2 amps each so at 4 amps max, this dimmer could be used to control more than 20 downlights.


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Sold singularly.

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