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90º Directional Round Air Vent - Flanged

90º Directional Round Air Vent - Flanged


90º Directional Round Air Vent - Flanged

This high quality directional air vent is has a 55mm 90º intlet on the rear letting you run the ducting in a tighter space. The vent louvres can be rotated 360° to direct air where needed, or they can be closed off entirely to increase flow through other vents in the system.

Even though this has a 55mm rear inlet, a 60mm hose can be used, if secured with a jubilee clip or cable ties.

These air vents are extremely durable, which make them perfect for air distribution in numerous applications including automotive, marine, agricultural etc.

This 90º flanged vent has 3 mounting holes to let you screw it onto a panel.

See Directional Round Air Vent for another version of this vent without the 90º outlet on the rear.



Overall diameter: 100.8 mm

Hole cutout: 77 mm

Depth: 80 mm

ducting size: 55-60 mm


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