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140amp split charge relay

Altec M-Power 140 Amp Split Charge Relay VSR


Altec M-Power 140 Amp Split Charge Relay VSR

If you are fitting a leisure battery into a campervan, which is to be charged by the van's alternator, you will need a split charge system. For vehicles that do not have stop/start/regenerative systems, this Altec 140 amp VSR is the ideal solution.

If you have a modern van with the stop/start/regenerative systems, you will need an intelligent DC-DC charger. See  Sterling Power - Battery to Battery Split Charge System

The Altec M-Power VSR is simply wired between the main battery and the leisure battery. The relay monitors the vehicle's main battery voltage and when it reaches 13.3vdc, the relay switches on and supplies charging current to the leisure battery.  When the engine is stopped and the voltage of the vehicles main battery drops below 12.8vdc the unit switches off.

It is simple to install, does not require a connection to vehicle alternator, there are only 3 connections to make, just power in, power out and a negative. It should be fused either side of the unit.

Supplied with detailed full colour  instructions.


You can choose the VSR on it's own or as a complete readymade kit.
Each kit is manufactured using 2 x midi fuse holders using 16mm2 / #6 AWG heavy duty extra flexible battery cable.The kits come complete with pre-terminated fused cable kits. 

The 6m kit is suitable for most short wheel base vans.

The 8m kit is sutiable for most long wheel base vans.



ALTEC 140 amp M-Power VSR
Bi-Directional, zero loss Split Charging
Fully automatic operation
‘Connected’ LED indicator
Fully epoxy sealed unit for years of trouble free service

Sealed for marine/under bonnet installation

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