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Campervan 100 Litre Wheel Arch Water Tank

Campervan 100 Litre Wheel Arch Water Tank


Campervan 100 Litre Wheel Arch Water Tank

This UK made fresh water tank has been designed to fit over the wheel arch in the rear of a van, making it ideal for a camper conversion for either fresh or waste water.

This 100 litre capacity tank has 10 x M8 inserts moulded into the tank for easy mounting. If you require a smaller tank there are also 24 and 57 litre versions available.

Please note this tank has an 1/2" BSP outlet opening at the bottom of the tank. If you don't plan to plumb an outlet pipe to it you'll need to purchase a 1/2" BSP bung from a plumbing merchant.

There are a range of kits available to ensure the tank is quick and easy to install, including a plumbing kit (which now includes a 40mm inlet), fitting kit and a submersible pump lid kit, which can all be selected from the drop down menus.

See also the narrower 24 Litre version of this tank and 57 Litre version



Nominal capacity (Ltr)  100
Height (mm)  680
Width (mm)   260
Length (mm) 1100
Weight (kg)    11


The separate kits are as follows:

 100 Litre Fitting Kit:

  • 10 x M8 x 12mm socket button head stainless steel
  • 10 x M8 x 25mm washer stainless steel
  • 2 x 50mm x 40mm x 30mm angle bracket
  • 4 x 240mm x 108mm x 50mm angle bracket
  • 20 x 5.5 x 26 Tek screws


Submersible Pump Lid Kit:

This kit can be used to allow a submersible pump to be connected through the lid.


  • 1 x ½” BSP 90° bulkhead hose tail 11-13mm
  • 1 x ½” BSP back nut
  • 1 x ½” BSP gasket
  • 1 x cable gland


Plumbing Kit:

This kit has all the fittings required for the outlet, inlet and vent hoses.


  • Includes 1 x 90° x 40mm Filler (Complete)
  • 2 x Vent Hose Tail: (½ inch)
  • 2 x Back Nut (½ inch)
  • 2 x Washer/Gasket (½ inch)
  • 1 x Vent (½ inch) - this is included without a washer/gasket or backing nut, as some other water tanks have a pre-fitted threaded insert in the tanks.



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