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Tasman 4500 Hob and Grill

Tasman 4500 Hob and Grill


Tasman 4500 Hob and Grill

Please note that there may be up to 6 weeks lead time on the ignition option, please contact us for further information.

This is a high quality UK made unit featuring a twin hob with grill popular for marine use, but equally at home in Camper vans, Motorhomes and Caravans.

An excellent option for individuals that are space conscious and have no need for oven. The full width grill gives superb even cooking results making cooking simple.

There is also the option of a battery powered ignition, to save you always having to have matches or a separate lighter to hand.


We have also designed an exclusive set of aluminium splash/wind plates, in conjunction with the hob manufacturers.

These allow you to build your hob into a space that otherwise might have issues, where there's concerns about pans splashing/spitting onto fabrics or surfaces.  

They also act as wind breaks, if you are designing a setup where your hob can be slid or rotated out of a doorway, or boot area, to let you cook outside of your van.


Key features:

• 1 x large semi rapide hob burner

• 1 x standard semi rapide hob burner

• All burners are protected by flame failure safety cut-outs

• Available with option of electric spark ignition fitted to all burners.

• Can be used on butane or propane

• Comes with grill pan, with removable handle

• Stainless Steel construction


Please note: each unit will come with Chrome control knobs shown, please ask about availability of the black control knobs, if you would prefer those.

Please also call for pricing for the gimbal attachments if needed for marine use.


Technical Specifications.

Cooker width - 450mm

Cooker depth - 420mm

Cooker Height inc. pan supports - 190mm

Cooker Height inc. splash guards folded down - 200mm


Splash plates sizes measured from centre of the hinge:

Back plate height:    31cm

Side plates height:   22.5cm 


To help with fitting these units and sinks, we have created a selection of water plumbing kits and gas fitting kits, which can be found here:

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