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Neptune Voyager 4500 Cooker

Voyager 4500 Cooker with Electric Ignition


Voyager 4500 with Electric Ignition

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This Voyager Hob, Grill and Oven is a high quality UK made cooker, popular for use in Camper vans, Motorhomes, Caravans and boats

The 4500 is the latest generation of the ever popular Voyager modular range.

Whilst retaining all the features that made it the most popular cooker in it’s class, the new 4500 comes with larger and more powerful hob burners. Furthermore, the door handle has been redesigned in aluminium which compliments the new silver knob control. The new, stronger, pan support is also a breeze to fit and secure in one place.

**Please note: This item will be delivered on a pallet to minimise any damage. The cost is £65**

Key features:

• 1 x large semi rapide hob burner

• 1 x standard semi rapide hob burner

• A thermostatically controlled oven

• A compact yet powerful grill in it’s own compartment

• All burners are protected by flame failure safety cut-outs

• Electric spark ignition fitted to all burners (requires 1 x AA battery)

• Door safety catch to prevent the door opening if the boat heels

• Can be used on butane or propane

• Comes with grill pan, with removable handle

• Stainless steel front and hob top design, with powder coated steel sides.

See here for the gimbal attachments, if needed for marine use.


Technical Specifications, including the gimbal details for marine use.

Max heat input = 6.81 kw (494 g/h)

Weight = 18.5 kg 

A: Base to top of seal rail - 560mm

Base to top of spillage tray - 485mm

B: Base to top of pan support - 505mm

C: Base to gimbal point - 475mm

D: Cooker width - 450mm

E: Gimballed width - 470mm

F: Gimbal Arc - 510mm

G: Gimbal point to back stop - 225mm

H: Cooker depth - 420mm




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