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Is the TentBox Lifestyle for You?

TentBox Lifestyle

Unplanned adventures, freedom to just get up and go, enjoying the outdoors and nature. Is this your dream? Is this the lifestyle for you?

Roof tents turn your car into a camper, allowing you to enjoy low cost, spontaneous adventures, and are a growing global trend. 

TentBox logo

TentBox are a UK based roof tent brand who are excited and passionate about their products and are actively building a community, online and through regular events, who share their values. Enjoy life, explore, embrace nature's beauty, have fun, just go for it!

Tempted? We'd like to introduce you to the TentBox range. All built to last and all built (and tested) for British weather.

TentBox Lite roof tent on small car

Starting with the TentBox Lite 1.0 , which will fit almost any vehicle. Currently (at the time of writing this blog, April 2023) the TentBox Lite Annexe is available for FREE with this

TentBox Lite Roof Tent Annexe

roof tent. The 140cm x 240cm mattress provides a huge sleeping area, plenty of room for 2 people. Once fitted to your vehicle, it can be set up within 5 minutes.


TentBox Lite 2.0


Newly launched at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2023, is the TentBox Lite 2.0. This is an updated version of the Lite 1.0, with an extra skylight, a dual layer memory foam mattress, a more foot-friendly ladder and a new rainfly design with fewer poles. 




If you need a bigger roof tent, also newly launched at the show, was the TentBox Lite XL. This has the same improved specification as the Lite 2.0 but with more than enough space to sleep a small family.



TentBox Classic Roof Tent


TentBox started with the TentBox Classic. It's had many tweaks and improvements over the years but remains a true classic. With spontaneity in mind, your pillows and bedding can be stored inside the tent when it's folded down and, as it has gas-assisted opening, you can be set up in less than a minute! 



The last in the collection, is the TentBox Cargo. This one is built for all the hardcore adventurers out there. It's constructed from premium grade aluminium, has gas assisted opening and, best of all, it has aluminium accessory rails for the attachment of cargo bars so that you can also carry your bikes, paddle boards, surfboards, for example.  

TentBox Cargo Roof Tent with cargo barsTentBox Cargo Roof Tent

Of course, there are accessories available to make those adventures even easier and more comfortable.

TentBox Classic Inside


The Comfort Mattress Topper for the Classic and the Cargo, is 3.5cm of memory foam for an even better night's sleep.


TentBox Down Blanket



Don't let chilly nights stop you from getting out there and having fun! The TentBox Down Blanket will make sure you're cosy all night.


TentBox Bootbag


Where to put your boots and shoes? You don't want them inside, making your bedding dirty. The solution is to hang a TentBox Boot Bag near the top of the ladder so that you can drop your shoes in, just before you climb inside.


If you want to live the Van Life but aren't able to afford a van or you just want to enjoy a day of hiking, biking or kayaking without having to get home the same day, it's worth considering the TentBox Lifestyle.


TentBox Lifestle

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