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Horrex Fly Screen - Volkswagen T5/T6

Horrex Fly Screen - Volkswagen T5/T6


Horrex Fly Screen - Volkswagen T5/T6

These single-pleated, high quality fly screens are suitable for sliding doors on Mercedes Sprinter vans

- The plastic trims on this screen are grey

*Please note that this cannot be retrofitted easily* 


Being close to nature has one drawback: insects in your mobile living room and bedroom can be a real nuisance. Which makes it best to take simple precautions and add a custom-fitted fly screen to the entrance.

This lightweight Fly Screen door allows users to enjoy a wide-open view of the great outdoors, without having to worry about mosquitoes and other pests swarming inside the vehicle.

The curved cassette and pull bar ensure the door takes a minimum of interior space. The screen has a smooth and silent operation.


The Right Hand Sliding Door (RHS) model is for the sliding doors on the right hand side of the van. For most US/European models.

The Left Hand Sliding Door (LHS) model is for the sliding door on the left hand side of the van. For Most UK models.

Please select the required version for your vehicle from the drop down menu.

Please note:
1. This door is much easier to fit on a van that's being converted, rather than a van that's already been converted.
2. If you are buying this outside of the UK you will be directed back to our UK website when you reach the checkout, as these are too long for the usual couriers. We will then calculate the shipping costs to your destination.


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