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15mm Cushioned Door Edge Knock-on Trim for camper van and motorhome conversions

15mm Cushioned Door Edge Knock-in Edge Trim


15mm Cushioned Door Edge Knock-in Edge Trim

This Door Edge knock in trim is commonly used with 15mm board, It has an overall width of 18mm together with the two lips and has a 2.5mm barb. 


This edging allows you to cut out cabinet doors and sides from a single laminate board, as once fitted, the edging makes the door larger than the original aperture, letting it close against the surface of the cabinet.

Both laminate edges of the door are also protected by the lips on the edging.


Available in Black, Dark, Brown, Dark Grey and Silver, in multiples of 1 metre lengths, or 5 and 10 metre lengths.


Please enquire for longer lengths up to 40 metres.


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