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Pundmann Water Heater 9.9 litre Air Combi 230V 500W and 12V 200W

Pundmann Water Heater 9.9 litre Air Combi 230V 500W and 12V 200W


Pundmann Water Heater 9.9 litre Twin 230V 500W and 12V 200W

2.3bar - Approx. 50min to 65°C

Uniquely compact, remarkably useful...

Pundmann off grid water heaters are being installed by campervan users across the country to bring creature comfort to off grid adventures.  

Providing hot water in a camper is a “game changer” for users.
Choosing a Pundmann compact unit offers ease of installation and high quality performance.

A great flexible solution, allowing you the 12V off-grid flexibility – but can switch over to 230V (works great with all campsite power hook ups). This Air Combi version has the added advantage of heating up your water through a heat exchanger from your diesel or gas air heater.

This is ideal for showers out in the wilderness!

Our boiler was specially developed for installation in motorhomes/caravans/camper vans etc. and can be used wherever there is little space and weak power conditions. The PUNDMANN Boiler is a low-pressure boiler that can be connected to any water system with existing fittings in the mobile area. The connections are designed for a 10 mm hose.

This boiler is not only very light but, thanks to its size, requires little space and can be used at almost any campsite. During travel time, the surplus electricity is used to guarantee hot water.

  • Combi tank with and air heat exchanger and twin immersion heater rods , a 12v 200w and a 230v 500w fitted with a 5 amp 3 pin plug.
  • This unit is compatible with diesel or gas heater and works efficiently with 2kw or 4kw heaters.
  • Insulated 316 stainless steel welded tank with high quality stainless heating rods.
  • Designed for safe use with upto 2.3bar pressure.
  • Supplied and fitted with a 3 bar hot water safety pressure release valve.
  • Designed to be compact and straightforward to install
  • Engineered to provide excellent service
  • 3 year return to base warranty


    The “Pressure” series contains pressure-resistant boilers with an operating pressure of 2.3 bar. The water is heated with a 12V, 24V, 230V, heating rod or a combination of 12V-24V and 230V.


    Length: 520mm

    Height: 200mm

    Width: 228mm

    Allowance for connections: 85mm

    Hot and Cold brass tails: 10mm

    Pressure release valve: 3 Bar

    12v Amp: 16.67

    230v Amp: 2.08


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