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Joolca Hottap Outing - Portable Water Heater

Joolca Hottap Outing - Portable Water Heater


Joolca Hottap Outing is a portable water heater that provides hot showers in any season. The high-efficiency burner provides 37,500 BTUs for hot steaming water, with up to 6 litres per minute of flow for quick showers. With 15 hours of run time on a single gas tank, this home-grade appliance offers convenience and comfort wherever you are.


Discover the convenience of the Joolca Hottap Outing - the world's tiniest portable water heater! Take your shower wherever you want, with a HOTTAP you can take a hot one anywhere you can take a propane bottle. Flick the switch and get a hot shower, easy as pie!


Whats Included?

  • HOTTAP unit
  • Ensuite Plumbing
  • River Pump Kit
  • Gas hose
  • Lightweight feet


The Joolca Hottap Outing is the perfect choice for convenient and efficient hot water on the go. Featuring a versatile showerhead that can be used as handheld or ceiling-mounted, the Hottap Outing heats up hot water in mere seconds with the switch on the wall. Get instant hot water wherever you are with this revolutionary Nomad kit.

Experience the ultimate in outdoor hot water convenience with the Joolca Hottap Outing. Its two-stage water filter allows you to pump clean water from up to 30m away. Its robust design makes it ideal for throwing in to your nearest lake or stream. Enjoy on-the-go hot water with Joolca Hottap Outing.


Make your outdoor adventure more enjoyable with Joolca Hottap Outing. Its two-stage water filter not only removes tiny sediments but is also robust enough to withstand shallow rivers and creeks. Enjoy hassle-free cleaning with no tools required; just untwist the cover and flushing with water. Outdoor trips have never been this easy.

Experience the great outdoors with the Joolca Hottap Outing - Portable Water Heater. Perfect for camping, the powerful self-priming pump can push water up to 30m up an incline, and is rated to IPX3, meaning it's safe to leave out in the rain, hail or shine. And when you're short on water, the pump won't be damaged by running dry. Enjoy a hot shower wherever you go!



  • You will need a pressurised water source to feed water into the HOTTAP. Consider the Joolca 12V Pump, which is included with the HOTTAP Outing and HOTTAP Nomad.
  • HOTTAP uses gas to heat up water and can run off 9kg (20lb) BBQ gas bottles for 15 hours of continuous use.
  • The Joolca pump runs on 12.0V power and can draw up to 5.8A per hour. Use the included cigarette socket cable, you can plug your Joolca pump directly into the cigarette socket port inside your car, or into the cigarette socket port of your portable power station.
  • HOTTAP runs on two D-cell batteries. The batteries supply power to the ignition and LED monitor, and will last 3-6 months (depending on use). 
  • HOTTAP has an adjustable water flow rate between 2.5-6 LPM (0.6-1.6 GPM). So, if you want a 5-minute shower, you will use between 12.5-30 litres (3.3-8 gallons) of water.
  • HOTTAP was designed for portable outdoor use. Your HOTTAP is splash-proof and can manage a little drizzle, however, prolonged exposure to rain/water will damage the internal components. We recommend using and storing your HOTTAP in a dry place.

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