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Project 2000 smart bed electric lifting kit

Lippert Smart Bed - Electric Bed Lifting Kit


Lippert Smart Bed - Electric Bed Lifting Kit

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This electric bed lifting system is designed to be combined with the Smart bed frame to create a bed that can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button. Alternatively you could create your own bed frame to work with this kit, as long as you keep within the 60kg weight limit.


The kit includes:

Electric motor and controls.

Gearbox and crankshaft.

Belts (length of 4000mm).

2 guides at either the standard 1000mm or the extended 1600mm length.


Note: the guides can be cut shorter if needed, but they define the maximum distance that the bed can raise and lower.

The system is customizable as the bed frame and slats are not included. It is an electrical system which permits the downward and upward movement of the bed and in case of malfunctioning or problems to the motor, the system can also be moved manually through a simple handle.


Lifting capacity: up to 60kg

Static Capacity: 400 kg

Pull: 4 AMPs

Cable: we advise 10 AMP as motor may pull more than 4 AMPs when it starts

Part Code: 12600-M000-00-000


  • The guides should ideally be installed on the longest sides of the bed.
  • The 4 belts can be either on the longest or on the shorter sides of the bed, they are not related to the position of the guides
  • Remember to leave a hole/space to get access to the motor in case you have to move the bed manually with a handle.




Two of the images show the different possible setups, when using the Smart Bed Frame for reference, if you need this frame please see below:

Project 2000 Smart Bed Frame

Part Number: 12678-A000-00-000

There is also an additional accessory kit needed to combine the bed frame and the electric lifting kit, which also includes a  bracket which allows you to rotate the motor, to let you put a flush board under the bed, to create a flat ceiling once the bed is raised.

Project 200 Smart Bed Accessories- Bracket Kit


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