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Muted Gold Cellular Thermal VanShades Window Pods

Muted Gold Cellular Thermal VanshadesExploded view vanshades window pod sectional view vanshades window podcellular thermal vanshades

Muted Gold Cellular Thermal VanShades Window Pods

Created by VanShades to give a modern sleek look, the original WindowPod® is a ready made VW T5/T6 window blind and frame system, created to fit each specific window.

The foil lined cellular pleated structure of these thermal blinds holds a layer of air, which acts as an insulator, retaining heat in the winter and keeping your vehicle cool in the summer.

The easy to install WindowPod® system is suitable for use at the conversion stage, or to retro fit to existing conversions. As they are shaped to each window, they can be offered straight up to the window aperture and fitted in a matter of minutes, with the included Tek-screws.

As well as these Cellular Thermal Blackout blinds, there is also the option of the Pleated Blackout blinds, which do not have the same thermal properties as the Cellular Thermal Blackout, but still give a modern finish to your van, if you are on a tighter budget.



Clicking on the specific window below, will take you through to the options of carpet colour and header colour for your chosen Cellular Thermal WindowPod®.

All orders will then be shipped directly from the manufacturer to keep lead times to a minimum.