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Silent Coat sound deadening

Silent Coat Sound Deadening

Silent Coat Sound deadening mat uses mass loading to lower panel resonance and absorb structural vibrations, to stop those nasty rattles, eliminate road and outside noise, insulate your vehicle and dramatically improve the quality of your drive.

It is a polymeric based damping material with a supercharged adhesive, together with an Aluminum surface and a unique military-grade composition.

Silent coat has been proven to be extremely efficient at the conversion of vibration to thermal energy. It is very flexible which is very important as it allows it to properly adhere to a contoured panel. It can be installed anywhere in your vehicle including under the bonnet.

Technical advantages:

  •     Self adhesive butyl rubber visco elastic polymer active layer
  •     Aluminium constraining layer for maximum noise reduction improves performance
  •     Highly efficient vibration damper
  •     Superior performance to comparable products
  •     Contains 30% more active material than the Dynamic sounding brand leader
  •     Highly efficient performance requires less product
  •     More economical in use compared to competitors

Product features:
  •     Soft and easy to use
  •     No nasty asphalt tar smell, often found with other products
  •     Military grade adhesive stays stuck even in extreme temperatures
  •     Non flammable
  •     Contains no bitumen
  •     Unbeatable cost to performance ratio

 Product range:

All the Silent Coat deadening mats have the same unique butyl formulation, the thicker versions simply increase deadening potential and help when you have very bad structural vibrations to kill.

  • Regular 2mm - Used in most general applications
  • Black 3mm - Used in classic cars & 4x4 where more damping required (and black finish is preferred)
  • Extra 4mm - Used on panels that have forced/bad vibrations (bulkhead, wheel arches, near speakers etc)
  • Multilayer 5mm - Product is extra stiff for also strengthening panels (subwoofer vibrations, panel ripple etc)