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surejust 2 litre accumulator tank

Surecal 2 litre Accumulator Tank


Surecal 2 litre Accumulator Tank


Fit the pre-assembled and easy to install Surejust Accumulator tank to your water system to stop your pump kicking in and out unnecessarily, water surge and greatly improved flow!!

Add the surecal Accumulator Tank to your freshwater system for a smooth, steady water flow.

  • We offer the 2 or 5 litre tanks, which are normally sufficient for most motorhome applications.
  • The accumulator helps end annoying water surge.
  • They come pre-pressurized with a built-in diaphragm (instead of just an air pocket at top of tank) that cushions surges to assure a smooth flow.
  • Connects to main water distribution line or after pump in demand system. Works with pressures up to 112 PSI.
  • Sturdy St/steel flange and thread that holds the diaphragm in place.
  • The potable water only ever comes into contact with the st/steel or butyl diaphragm.
  • Easy installation as the unit comes ready to connect onto a 15mm plastic plumbing.
  • Mounts in any position.
  • Mounting bracket and St/steel strap included.
  • Pre-charged pressure is 19 psi




Capacity 2 Litre
Length 300mm
Width 130mm
Height 150mm


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See here for the full range of Surecal calorifiers, accumulators and expansion tanks.

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