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Thule Roof Tent Mounting Rails

Thule Roof Tent Mounting Rails


The Thule Roof Tent Mounting Rails allow you to quickly install and uninstall your roof tent from your vehicle, cutting installation time in half.

Predrilled holes make for easy replacement without any need for drilling.

Compatible with the lockable and quick installation Thule Mounting Brackets.

Kit includes two mounting rails, hardware and two plastic end caps.
Model Foothill Small Medium Large
Compatability Thule Foothill Thule Approach S, Thule Ayer 2, Thule Low Pro 2 Thule Approach M, Thule Kukenam 3, Thule Autana 3, Thule Ruggedized Autana 3, Thule Ruggedized Kukenam 3, Thule Low Pro 3 Thule Approach L, Thule Autana 4
weight 3.56KG 2.13KG 2.46KG 3.14KG




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