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C263-S 93312SP - Ceramic bowl

Thetford C263-S - Ceramic Bowl Cassette Toilet With No Rear Console


Thetford C263-S - Ceramic Bowl Cassette Toilet, with no rear console.

This ceramic bowl versions of the Thetford toilets are their top of the C263 range, with the C263-S having electric flush which takes it's water from your main onboard water tank and having the luxury of the ceramic bowl.

The C263 range of cassette toilets from Thetford provide permanent toilet solutions combined with the convenience of a removable wasteholding tank and waste level indicator.

Toilets in the Thetford C263 range features a removable wasteholding tank are accessed via a small door on the outside of your vehicle for removal and emptying/cleaning.

The C263-S model features an external flush controller, together with a ceramic bowl.

Please note the example photo of the toilet in a motorhome shows the plastic bowl, but it is there to show how you might build a vanity unit behind the toilet



  • Bowl material: Ceramic
  • Capacity of waste-holding tank 17.5 L
  • Central water tank connection
  • Electric Flushing system
  • Level indicator for waste-holding tank with 3 indication levels
  • Main dimensions (h x w x d)488 x 341 x 600 mm
  • Net weight: 16.2 Kg
  • Position service door Landscape
  • Removable mechanism for waste-holding tank
  • Seating height: 479 mm
  • Waste-holding tank on wheels
  • No Water fill door needed

Model number: C263-S 93312SP - Ceramic bowl 

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