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Roam X Campervan WiFi System with 5G Ready Antenna

Roam X Campervan WiFi System with 5G Ready Antenna


The Roam X Campervan WiFi system is the premium version of the Roam Campervan WiFi system, the antenna is the same but the router is a higher speed and higher power version.

The Maxview Roam X Campervan WiFi kit users a router and an externally-mounted antenna (5G ready) to take 3G and 4G and turn it into a WiFi hotspot for your vehicle. This means in low signal and remote areas you can stay connected.

The antenna is designed specifically with campervans and panel vans in mind and will fit in between the ridges on ridged-rooves.

The kit comes with a short cable (0.3m) and a separate long cable (2m) as standard. If you're doing a conversion you can install the long cable into the walls of the vehicle and then connect up to the antenna at a later date when it's fitted.

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