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VW T5 T6 Awning bracket fror vans with pop top fitted

VW T5/T6 Awning Bracket for Vans with Pop Tops and Multi-Rail


VW T5/T6 Awning Bracket for Vans with Pop Tops and Multi-Rail

If you have a pop top fitted on your VW T5 or T6 camper, you can not normally use the standard mounting brackets, as most pop tops are too wide to accommodate the bracing bar on the rear of the brackets.

This fitting kit allows you to mount either a Thule 4900 or Fiamma F45 awning to your van.

This kit does need a side mounted awning rail, such as the Reimo Multi-Rail, Brandrup Top-Rail or the Vamoose Combi Rail. It clamps to the moulded awning rail and is secured to the van roof with Rivnuts. This requires drilling the van roof. 

The kit adjusts for awning height and angle, as you can raise the bracket / awning to give better clearance above your sliding door, and adjust the angle of the bracket to match the angle of your awning rail.

The kit consists of 2 x black powder coated brackets with all required fixings including the Rivnuts and general instructions. Please note that you will need to purchase a tube of SikaFlex 252 (not included) to correctly fit this kit.





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