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Fiamma Tube Pro - Table Leg Set

Fiamma Tube Pro - Table Leg Set

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Fiamma Tube Pro - Table Leg Set

This high quality four piece island 70cm leg, has been designed to give a solid fixing for a stand alone removable table. The ends of the aluminium leg cvan be removed, to let you cut the leg down to a specific length if needed.

The set is designed to be used with the Fiamma Tripod, to enable you take your table outside of your campervan.


In this set you will receive the following:

Fiamma 70cm Tube Pro Table Leg

Fiamma Recessed floor connector

Fiamma Connix Connector 

Fiamma Cap - to fit into the floor connector, when you are not using the table.


See here for the compatable Fiamma Tripod Pro.


If this set is outside of your budget then consider the popular TE16 chrome plated 3 piece table set, which can although not designed for, can also be used with the Fiamma Tripod Pro.



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