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KAMPA Touring AIR - Drive Away Awning

KAMPA Touring AIR - Drive Away Awning


KAMPA Touring AIR - Drive Away Awning

Designed to sit along side your camper van, the Kampa Touring AIR provides you with  the maximum amount of space without extending beyond your pitch.  Inside you will find a spacious living area, full-height windows, plenty of mesh ventilation and a large four berth inner tent - all supplied as standard.  

Other features include multi point inflation.  Durable air poles are inflated individually for the simplest set-up and take-down.  The doors are mesh zipped panels set behind the left hand side and front doors for added comfort in hot weather.  Inner tents are constructed from a dark material to block out early morning sunlight to help you get a good nights sleep.

Width : 6100 mm

Depth : 2800 mm

Tunnel Width : 2900 mm

Tunnel Depth : 900 mm

Connection Height : 1800 - 2100 mm

Height at front : 2100 mm

Weight : 22.19 kg


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