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EvoMatic Flush Door Catches

Evo Design - EvoMatic Flush Door Catches


Evo Design - EvoMatic Flush Door Catches


The Evomatic door catch is a new self locking door catch designed for leisure vehicles. A modern design with practical features.

Please note that the rear catch has been updated, so now no longer has the rear finger pull, which previously let you open it from inside.


Also see here for the new wider XL version, ideal for drawers, or sprung loaded doors




•Auto latching design

•Works with any panel thickness between 12mm – 18 mm

•Available in full black and satin finishes, or a combination of black and satin

•Flush surface modern design

•Dual position striking plate with adjustment which aids installation

•Adjustable fit design with + or – 5mm travel for precision installation.


•Screws not included – screw length changes depending on ply thickness.

– use 3.5 x 12mm screws when mounting to 12mm ply

– use 3.5 x 15mm screws when mounting to 15mm ply

– use 3.5 x 18mm screws when mounting to 18mm ply


Please note: The satin finish looks more like an anodised aluminium and is not as glossy as the images here.



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