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Rib Scopema rock and roll seat with VW Brick fabric

Scopema RIB Altair 112cm Slider Rock and Roll bed

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Scopema RIB Altair 112cm Slider Rock and Roll bed

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This crash tested RIB bed is made by Scopema in France.

It offers a comfortable ergonomic seat and flexible bed for your Campervan.

To turn it into a bed, you simply slide the whole seat forward, then unlock the seat base and rotate it forward, drop the backrest and then lower the back cushion, giving you a flat bed.

Being crash tested you have full peace of mind that your passengers are safe and it comes complete with Isofix points.

This version has the sliding frame that lets you mount the seat further back, but then it pulls forward to let the rear part of the bed fold down.

These features make the bed the most popular choice with Campervan converters.

Our current stock comes completed trimmed in the VW Brick pattern, with a 65cm rear drop down cushion which gives an overall bed length of 186cm.

Please note that the image does not show the front handle that lets you slide the seat forward and the blue centre panels are actually in the VW Brick fabric shown separately.


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