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Create More Space with Clever Storage Solutions by Thule


Thule Storage Solutions

There are a few days in March when the sun is out, it feels warm and flowers are starting to make an appearance. It feels like it's time to start looking forward to your camper van adventures, then you remember the chaos of living in a limited space! 

Thule Waste/Laundry Bin

Thule have had some really clever ideas about storage and we'd like to share them with you. In our next article we'll share some great ideas from other companies.

Let's start with the Thule Waste Bin, which could also be as a laundry bag. It holds 50 litres but conveniently folds away when not in use. The zip at the bottom makes it very easy to empty and clean. You can hang it up wherever you want, inside or outside, as it's made with weather resistant fabric.


Thule Shoe Organiser

Then there's the Thule Shoe Organiser, which has 10 large pockets for shoes with 2 extra mesh pockets. The organiser can be left open for easy access to the shoes or closed with a zipped cover. Again, it's made from weather resistant fabric for inside and outside use and had ventilation holes, just in case the shoes are damp or don't smell so good!



Thule Wall Organiser

For  more general use, Thule have designed a Wall Organiser which has 14 pockets and 2 extra mesh pockets with 2 elastic cords on the side. Made from the same weather resistant fabric as the rest of the collection, means it can be hung up inside or outside. The cover can be rolled up to make access easier, or zipped closed to keep everything from falling out. It folds down for easy storage when not in use.


Thule Toiletry Kit

The fourth hanging storage from Thule is the Toiletry Organiser. This is a very useful size, big enough to store all the family toiletries as well as first aid supplies. It can be hung up in the bathroom or elsewhere, inside or outside. The hanging hook will fit over most doors. It zips closed into a neat carry bag to take with you to the beach, pool or showers. We think it could even be a used as an overnight or weekend bag.


Thule Go Box Storage

Lastly, for storage and transporting just about anything, are the Thule Go Boxes. Available in two sizes, medium and large, they're perfect for the boot of your car, your camper van, motorhome, caravan, garage, anywhere really! They has endless uses, not just for storage. Use for shopping, to go on a picnic, for a day on the beach, for transporting games, toys, equipment, bedding...and so on!


We hope these clever storage solutions give you plenty of ideas to make your camper van adventures easier and more enjoyable. The next article will continue on this theme, with even more storage ideas from other brands.

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