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Are the Seats in Your Camper Van Travel Safe?

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If you change the seats in your van, are they safe? The original seats and seat belts would've been through many safety tests before the van was launched, but what about any replacement seats?

In our opinion, any new seat bases or frames should have been safety tested. You can then be sure that you and your family are as safe and protected as possible when travelling in your camper van.

The seats and seat bases we sell have been tested with one of the following three tests;

Crash Tested - the item has been used within a vehicle that's been deliberately crashed under controlled conditions to evaluate its ability to withstand impact.

Homologated - (with reference to the automotive industry) that a vehicle or component has satisfied the requirements of various statutory regulatory bodies.

Pull Tested - includes shear testing, surface bond testing, load and stress testing as appropriate for the item.

FASP swivel seat bases, available for a variety of vehicles, have all been tested to at least one of the above tests (noted in the description of each individual base). These bases are fitted under your driver and/or passenger seat to allow it to swivel 180 degrees and become additional, comfy seating in your living area. A great way to make the most of limited space.



The double seat frames with seat belts for Sprinter/Crafters and Ducato Boxers are homologated.  The Ducato version is crash tested. They're designed to tie securely to the chassis of your van. These frames are a great solution if you're looking to add a rear double seat to your camper, where seatbelts are required for other members of your family to travel safely. 

We're very excited that Isofix points to safely secure child seats will soon be available for these frames.


Last, but definitely not least, in our collection is the RIB Slider Rock and Roll Bed. This is a comfortable ergonomic seat that turns it into a flat bed by simply sliding the whole seat forward. The dual purpose of this seat, making excellent use of space, and the ease of turning into a bed, make these very popular in the camper van community. They come complete with Isofix points to safely secure child seats and are crash tested. 

 Converting your camper van is an exciting project, especially if it's been a dream for a long time. Planning the interior and accessories is especially satisfying but it's also important to plan the safety of all the passengers when travelling to all those amazing destinations.

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